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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are these services only for people with children or teens?
    While I specialize in children and teens, I will see adults when it feels like the right fit for both of us. Usually this is when parents want to be treated as well.
  • Do you prescribe medications?
    Yes, I am a licensed pediatrician and will prescribe medications when appropriate. I can also make recommendations for you to discuss with your local health care provider. I do not prescribe stimulant medications for ADHD or illnesses that need to be addressed by your primary care provider.
  • Do you offer in-person appointments?
    While we are primarily virtual for the time being, we may consider offering in person home appointments in Asheville, NC. Travel charges do apply.
  • Can you be my child’s ​primary pediatrician?
    No. You will still need a regular pediatrician that is local to you as I am a pediatric specialist and will not be providing primary care. I provide integrative and functional medicine consults for health issues that go beyond regular checkups and sick visits. I can make recommendations for you to discuss with your primary care pediatrician for ongoing treatment.
  • Do you administer vaccines?
    No, however, I can do vaccine consults, education, and vaccine schedule recommendations for you to discuss with your child's primary care pediatrician.
  • Do you take insurance?
    We do not take insurance for our services; however, we will provide you with a superbill upon request for you to submit to your insurance company for potential reimbursement. Keep in mind that some insurance companies do not cover certain labs and treatments.
  • Where do I get labs?
    For a lot of lab work you can get them drawn at Quest or Labcorp. For specialized labwork, the kits will be mailed to you through Rupa. Some specialized labs can be collected at home and others require you to go to Quest or Labcorp. If you are doing a deep dive consult and are not local you may also be able to do the labs through your local health care provider.
  • Does my child need to be present for the visit?
    I ask that your child is present for at least 10 minutes of each visit. It is important to me to attain thorough and accurate information about your child’s symptoms. If you feel that you can discuss your child’s symptoms openly with them present, they may be present for as much of the visit as they are willing and able to attend. If you feel that your child’s presence will negatively impact your ability to provide a detailed history, it might be best to have your child attend 2/3 of the way through your appointment. Ultimately, I want to create a safe and caring space for your child while still eliciting all information necessary in order for me to determine the most appropriate treatment.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    At our clinic, we understand that emergencies can happen, and we are committed to working with our patients to accommodate unforeseen circumstances. However, we ask that our patients respect our scheduling policies and understand that frequent requests for free cancellations affects our ability to accommodate other patients who need of medical attention. By adhering to our policies, we can ensure that we are able to offer timely care to all of our patients and maintain a sustainable practice. ​ For this reason, we prefer you cancel at least 48 hours in advance. We do not issue refunds. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We value your business and look forward to continuing to work with you to achieve your health goals. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team
  • Can you grant a vaccine exemptions?
    No, I do not grant vaccine exemptions.
  • Do you offer vaccine "alternatives"?
    No, I do not offer vaccine alternatives. I specialize in offering information and education about regular vaccines.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    We do not offer refunds.
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