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Dr. Ellie smiling at the camera

Advanced Integrative Medicine Consults

If you have a primary care doctor, but need help in getting to the root cause of chronic or recurring symptoms, this is for you. 

 Personalized Approaches for Whole Health

Guided by Genomic Insights & Functional Medicine

Testing Recommendations

I may recommend lab tests to evaluate vitamin and nutrient status, food reactions, and more.

Sleep Recommendations

I’ll address sleep concerns so that your family can finally get the rest it deserves and your child can heal.

Stress Management Recommendations

I’ll zero in on the best ways to keep to stress in check and what to do when things have already become overwhelming.

Nutrition Recommendations

We’ll work closely to craft ideas that will delight every member of your family and provide optimal nutrition.

Exercise Recommendations

We’ll work closely to choose exercise programs that make sense for your child’s or teen’s interests and health condition.

Supplement Recommendations

Food should provide most of your nutrition, but nutritional supplements can fill in the gaps and optimize your health.


Your kids genetics could be causing them to not feel well. We'll change that with supplements specific to your child's genes.

Environmental Information

Your environment should be making you healthy, stress free and promote wellbeing

How it Works


New Client Application

You will fill out the new client application. Get to the application by clicking the "Work With Dr. Ellie" button anywhere on my website. 


Ongoing Optimization

Follow up consults as needed to fine tune your child's plan and provide continued support. 


Comprehensive Evaluation

At your first visit, we can dive right into your health goals, concerns and hopes for you and your child. We dive into your child's past medical history, nutrition history, sleep history, environmental history and any current concerns or health goals. 


Happy Healthy Child

My goal is to help your child be as healthy as  possible. In turn, Life just got easier for you too. 

What is an Integrative Specialist? 

My Specializations


Focus Issues

Panic Attacks


Food Allergies



Gluten Allergy



Gut issues


Investment In Your Child's Health

New Patient Appointment 

  • 90 minute deep dive into your child's health to begin their personalized health plan


Follow up Appointments

  • 60 minute review of your child's personalized health plan, progress and fine tuning their needs


Advanced Diagnostic Tests

Usually ranges from $100-600 depending on your needs

Lab Interpretation Fee for Functional Labs



Discount provided. Prices vary depending on your needs. 

Appointments include reviewing historical medical records, historical labs, coordinating with specialists, creating personalized health recommendations including testing recommendations, lifestyle recommendations, and supplement plan creations. In addition you have access to me through the patient portal for messaging. Messages are responded to within 3 business days except on the rarity that I take a vacation. You will be informed of this. 

Tinley, CA

I never felt embarrassed asking questions... Dr. Ellie would help me understand the benefits, considerations, alternatives, and potential risks of every path forward... Dr. Ellie doesn't just see the whole child, whom she regards with tender delight and a keen medical mind, but the whole family creating health together. I am so grateful that Dr. Ellie was my partner in providing a healthy start to my son's life--it's been everything a parent could ask for

Elijah B, NC

Through working with Dr. MacGregor, I was able to resolve several health issues I was facing by improving my sleep and diet, as well as through replenishing certain things I was missing with supplements she suggested. I have worked with several doctors in the past and Dr. MacGregor was able to help me not only because of her knowledge of integrative medicine but also because she is willing to spend the time in her longer sessions to find a resolution to the root of the issues I was facing 


When I met Dr. Ellie I was caught in the unhealthy habits that I had grown up with, such as diet and screen time. Through the health plan she created for me, I was able to slowly adjust my way of eating, my unhealthy use of technology and I found the right balance in creating a life of longevity and happiness. She helped me understand that health corresponds to both the mind and body. Finding the balance of the two has been key to setting my health up to do the things I love.
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