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  • Elenor MacGregor

4 Worst Foods to Feed Children

Updated: May 26

I am getting so many questions about the worst foods feed children and no surprise a lot of them are truly tasty which is why kids tend to gravitate towards them. As a pediatrician it's my job to let you guys know which foods to really try to keep your kids (and yourself) away from. So here goes, these are my top four.

A hand is holding a glass bottle filled with orange soda pop. It has an orange bottle top.
Soda Pop; No good for kids and teens.

1. Soda:

This high sugar food that has plenty of high fructose corn syrup and no nutritional value leads to weight gain. This weight gain can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. Not only that but the way high fructose corn syrup is processed in your liver can especially wreak havoc.

2. Bacon:

High in saturated fat (50%) this food can cause major issues with your child's "bad

cholesterol" aka LDL (low density lipoprotein) AND it has tons of salt that can raise their blood pressure too. All that can lead to poor heart health.

Skillet on stove with two sunny side up eggs cooking in bacon and bacon fat.
Bacon; Tasty but Harmful

3. Baked sweets:

Often our fave blueberry muffin is built with processed white flour and loaded with sugar. This can cause weight gain and spike blood sugar. Spikes in blood sugar cause a blood sugar crash a couple hours later leading your child to feel hungry, cranky and possibly not their best selves. Try a complex carbohydrate and protein snack with some veggies mixed in for good measure, instead.

Picture of three blueberry muffins with blueberries scattered near them.
Yes, there are blueberries. No, its still not healthy.

4. Fried Potato products:

French fries and potato chips. Fat and salt. Enough said. But seriously these simple carbohydrates while they may be delicious are best enjoyed oven baked at home in olive oil. Otherwise you are risking high cholesterol, high blood pressure and weight gain which are all risk factors for heart disease. 

A picture of french fries in a yellow paper container that is next to a small side of ketchup that sits in a white paper cup.
French fries; a health hazard for kids

Moving forward, I would limit these foods a lot. Now that being said, if its truly a once in a while treat (think once a month) then okay but if its truly weeky or 2-3 times a week (we've all been there so no judgement) then maybe its time to cut back.

For more info on food as medicine or in this case food as definitely not medicine reach out and book a "Meet and Greet"!


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