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  • Elenor MacGregor

5 Science-Backed Mood Foods

✨ Foods for a Better Mood ✨

Kids or teens feeling grumpy, sluggish, or just plain blah?

🥣 Foods can have a powerful effect on your mood (both good and bad), so let’s start there.

Some people grab foods they *think* make them feel good (ice cream anyone?) but end up feeling worse once the sugar rush wears off.

How about next time, think about reaching for one of these science-backed foods to improve your mood:

🫐 Blueberries

One study found wild blueberry juice improved mood in children and young adults within one hour of drinking it!

😋 Walnuts

Walnuts not only contain omega-3s but also a natural source of serotonin! One study found that half a cup of walnuts per day improved mood in college-aged men.

🥬 Green Leafy Veggies

Swiss chard, spinach, and kale are packed with phytonutrients that combat inflammation—a known contributor to low mood.

🐟 Fatty Fish

Fish like salmon, anchovies, sardines, herring, and cod contain omega-3 fatty acids that fight inflammation and support a healthy mood.

🍫 Dark Chocolate

There’s a “bliss molecule” in the brain called anandamide. Guess what? It’s also in dark chocolate. Dark chocolate also has magnesium, which is needed to produce serotonin.

I’m not suggesting food is a quick fix, but if you get in the habit of grabbing healthy mood food, you’re sure to notice the effects over time.

And If you’re looking for a complete dietary plan?

Check out the Mediterranean Diet. It has the most research and evidence to show it supports mood.


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