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Unlock Your Child's Potential.
Holistic Therapies for Anxiety, ADHD, Depression

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Gut Health = Brain Health

Take the First Step in Healing Your Child's Anxiety, Depression, or ADHD 

It's so hard.

Maybe you have been blown off and told, "this is just a phase." Or worse, someone may have said or implied you are not a good parent. You know those things aren't true.


You know something else is going on and that it just shouldn't be this hard.

Your child is grappling with focus issues, hyperactivity, sleep problems, anxiety, depression, emotional dysregulation, or perfectionism and you know they are suffering.  Tummy and headaches, getting sick a lot, trouble in school, and feeling run down are taking a toll on your child and on you. 


You want to help the ones you love ease their suffering and alleviate their symptoms by 

addressing the underlying root cause without going straight to adding pharmaceutical medications that can come with their own set of adverse side effects and complications.

You may have scoured the internet for any possible solution for your child’s health without success and in the process become confused and overwhelmed.


Do you wonder if the information you are finding is either accurate, effective or even safe?

Have you tried some of these treatments and they haven’t worked?

Raise your hand if you’re ready to break these cycles and RELAX by working with an experienced integrative pediatrician to help you create comprehensive holistic health for your kids that you can feel good about. 


Hi, I’m Dr. Ellie

You don't have to figure this out alone. 
I'm here to help.

What is Holistic Brain Health? In simple terms, it's an approach to healing that embraces the child's whole being—body, mind, and spirit.

I uncover and treat root causes to reduce or eliminate the need for medication, helping your child reach their full potential.

Using advanced diagnostics and personalized treatment, I tackle genetics, diet, gut health, and lifestyle together. I walk hand in hand with you and your child toward sustainable well being.

What is an Integrative Specialist? 
What is Integrative/Functional Medicine?
  • Calm and Relaxed

  • Attending School

  • Staying at school the whole day

  • Focusing

  • Able to sit still

  • Emotionally regulated

  • Tantrums Decreased

  • Sleeping through the night

  • Eating a variety of foods

  • Resilient

  • Happy

  • Sociable

  • Healthy Friend Groups

  • Self soothing

  • Going with the flow

  • Healthy habits

  • Easily getting Homework done

  • Headache and stomachache free

As a result of our work, my clients are:

How to Work with Me

Renew & Thrive: The Ultimate Brain Wellness Reset Program

Good for North Carolina or California families who are committed treating their child's brain health, naturally.

New Client Process


Fill Out Application

Click "Work With Dr. Ellie" button below.  This will allow you to fill out a new client application . 


Let's Chat!

If it seems like a good fit, you will receive an email with a link to book your Happy Brain Breakthrough Session.


We’ll create a crystal-clear vision of what happy brain health would look like for you and your child and craft your 6-month health goals.


Clarity and Calm

You’ll leave the session not only inspired, but with personalized and tangible next steps to catapult your child’s health now! 

My Specializations


Emotional Dysregulation

Gut issues



School struggles

Focus Issues

Panic Attacks

Sleep problems




What Patients Say

What Patients Say

"When I was a brand new mom, all I wanted was to make the best choices for my baby's health. There was so much information coming at me, and I was overwhelmed trying to figure out what was true, important, and helpful for me and my family. Dr. Ellie turned the volume down on all the noise. She listened to me, she used her clinical magic to listen to my baby, and we created a plan that reflected my concerns, values, and goals. She satisfied my desire for evidence-based strategies and was always ready to provide and interpret the latest studies on all sorts of treatment approaches. She also supported and encouraged me when I wanted to explore solutions for my child's health that recognized how the physical, emotional, spiritual, and traditional aspects of medicine combine to holistically promote wellness. I never felt embarrassed asking questions about "something I heard about somewhere" that I was nervous or curious about; Dr. Ellie would help me understand the benefits, considerations, alternatives, and potential risks of every path forward, and then we would take the journey together. Dr. Ellie doesn't just see the whole child, whom she regards with tender delight and a keen medical mind, but the whole family creating health together. I am so grateful that Dr. Ellie was my partner in providing a healthy start to my son's life--it's been everything a parent could ask for!"

--Tinley I  for Baby Alvie

Personalized Pediatric Integrative Consults with a holistic pediatrician.
Nutrition Recommendations/Supplement Recommendations/
Exercise/Stress Management Recommendations

Ready find the root cause of your child's anxiety, depression or attention difficulties?

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