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New Client Application

Renew & Thrive: The Ultimate Brain Wellness Reset Program

Dr. Ellie's 1:1 Renew & Thrive: The Ultimate Wellness Reset Program is reserved for committed  families that want to ease the suffering of their children and alleviate their symptoms by addressing the underlying root cause over the course of 6 months (and beyond!)


If you want to:

**Uncover and treat the underlying causes of symptoms 

**Reduce the need for medications  

**Address genetic factors, diet, gut health, environment and lifestyle

**Use advanced diagnostic testing and a personalized treatment program with a thoughtful,  thorough, and caring medical doctor at your side to address your child’s health.  

** To help your child move toward sustainable well being, resilience, and joy

                            ...then please fill out the application below. 

Thanks for Applying. Looking Forward To Speaking To You Soon!

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