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  • Elenor MacGregor

Music & the Brain: Choosing the Right Playlist for Your Kids

💥🗞️Hot off the press!!

If you have any interest in improving your kids sleep👋, listen to this:

🎶 A brand new study found that listening to music for 30 minutes before bedtime may improve sleep:

Participants downloaded an app called *Music Star* and listened to music for at least 30 minutes at bedtime for 4 weeks.

👉 They experienced better sleep quality and longer sleep than people not listening to music.

The Music Star app is designed as a multicolored star, with each corner of the star linking to a different tempo of music:

🔵 Blue playlists are the quietest

🟢 Green playlists are more lively

🔴 Red playlists are the most upbeat

⚪ Gray playlists are more for focus

So, if you’re trying out new ideas for a bedtime routine, maybe you could think about adding music to the mix 🎶

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P.S. For the detail-oriented: The study was called MUSTAFI: Music to Improve Sleep Quality in Adults with Depression & Insomnia. It was presented in March at The European Psychiatric Association 2023 Congress.


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