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  • Elenor MacGregor

Are you making supplement mistakes to help kids focus?

🤷‍♀️ Since dopamine seems to be an issue in ADHD, is there a supplement to support dopamine and help your kid focus?

Dopamine is the brain chemical that gives us a sense of pleasure and drives motivation and reward.

Some people might think that boosting dopamine is only a good thing, but not so fast.

There are helpful ways to trigger dopamine release—like meditation, listening to music, or going outside in the sun.

But there are also harmful ways to trigger dopamine release—like drinking alcohol, gambling, or binge eating. Over time, addictive behaviors can alter how your brain responds to dopamine.

So where do supplements fall on the spectrum of helpful to harmful?

Let’s look at the potential pros and cons.

Supplements that support dopamine may also support:

🔸 Energy

🔸 Focus

🔸 Learning

🔸 Mood

BUT too much dopamine may also come with some risks:

🔹 Impulsivity

🔹 Thrill Seeking

🔹 Tolerance (less response to dopamine over time)

If supplements that support dopamine are used unnecessarily, in too high amounts, or for too long, they could end up making the problem worse over time.

One supplement you may have heard called the “dopa bean” is Macuna pruriens. It has been used as part of the Ayurvedic tradition for centuries, but it does contain l-dopa, which is the precursor to dopamine.

Be cautious and aware if ever choosing new supplements on your own. While most are safe, it’s always best to consult with a health practitioner who understands natural supplements especially that say they will help your kid or teen focus better!

This is our specialty.


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