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Media & Speaking

Dr. Ellie MacGregor is a podcast guest and summit speaker, inspiring audiences with insights into integrative holistic care for children and teens.

Dr. Ellie Macgregor is an osteopathic medical doctor,  pediatrician, integrative medicine expert, and founder of the Middle Path Integrative Pediatrics.. 


Known for her expertise in pediatric integrative medicine, Dr. Ellie offers consultations to help parents overcome the frustrations of information overload so they can easily know what the best next steps are to create optimal health for their children and teens.   


Dr. Ellie’s approach is unique in that it helps parents have peace of mind knowing the information they are receiving is from a credible source. Dr. Ellie is able to knowledgeably discuss both holistic and conventional therapies so parents can save time and make sure their children and teens stay healthy. 


She has been featured on podcasts including Dr. Lara Salyer's Catalyst, Ashley Iadanza's Eat Explore Love, Avik Chakraborty's Healthy Mind, Healthy Life and Theresa Alexander Inman's Parenting with Confidence, and  Freya Magnusson's Veganish and All Things Healthy.  She is known for her signature talk titled, “Thriving minds, Thriving Kids: A Holistic Approach to Enhancing Brain Health for Improved Focus, Mood, and Behavior"


Dr. Ellie lives in Asheville, North Carolina where she loves yoga, creating healthy meals and walking her three rescue dogs.

Image of the podcast Pediatrics Reimagined: An Integrative Approach by Dr. Laura Salyer and Guest Dr. Ellie Macgregor
Image of a podcast called Eat, Explore, Love with Ashley Iadanza and Dr. Ellie sharing stories on Celiac disease and healing
An image of the Healthy Mind Healthy Life podcast with Avik Chakraborty and Dr. Ellie
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