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You're a great a parent!

So, why does it 

 feel like an endless uphill battle?


Hint: It's not you.

Dr. Ellie on a bridge in Paris

Have you ever wondered, “Is there a holistic pediatrician near me?” Are you looking for a combination of quality conventional medicine and alternative therapies? I provide virtual consultative care throughout North Carolina and California using functional health and integrative therapies.  Parents, if you want in person primary care, check out my page for holistic primary care in Asheville, NC. 

If your child is struggling with recurring tummy aches, headaches, constant sickness, anxiety, depression, difficulty focusing recurring rashes, or feeling run down, I understand the toll it takes on your family. As a functional medicine pediatrician, I focus on root cause medicine through a variety of  healing therapies to support your child’s ongoing health needs.

Imagine breaking free from the cycle of symptom management and finding comprehensive solutions for your child's health. Our practice focuses on whole health and functional medicine, combining the best of conventional and alternative therapies to address your child's unique needs

Dr. Ellie standing in front of a castle in Carcassonne France

Hi, I'm Dr. Ellie

DO: Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

FAAP: Fellow of the Academy of Pediatrics

Fellowship in Integrative and Functional Medicine

I'm Dr. Ellie MacGregor, and I'm often asked, "What is Integrative Health and Wellness for Pediatrics?" Simply put, it's an approach that sees your child as a whole being—body, mind, and spirit. With a focus on your family's unique lifestyle and the special bond between you and your child, we blend the best of conventional and alternative therapies to prioritize your child's health.

So why did I become a pediatric functional medicine doctor? After years in primary pediatric care, I felt frustrated with a one size fits all approach. I decided to focus on whole child pediatrics and became driven to advance my studies in Integrative and Functional Medicine.  I saw the transformative power of combining traditional and holistic approaches from both the perspective of a doctor, and as a patient myself. Having been diagnosed with celiac disease and other autoimmune disorders, I live daily having to manage my own symptoms and have gone through the process of changing my entire lifestyle to keep myself healthy and happy. I know from experience that change is hard and I want to be there to help others through the transition with ease.

I have always been an advocate to incorporate integrative medicine with the various clinics I have worked for, however, during the global pandemic, the limitations of what I could practice became clear. Many children struggled with new found anxiety, depression, and physical symptoms, yearning for a comprehensive approach beyond what conventional medicine could provide. Inspired by their needs, Middle Path Integrative Pediatrics was born. Today, I work with families in California and North Carolina, with dreams of touching lives nationwide. I believe in the concept of "slow medicine," taking the time to build strong doctor-patient relationships and thoroughly explore health concerns while healing through root cause medicine.
As an integrative/functional medicine pediatrician, I'm committed to offering holistic solutions. I'm not just a pediatrician—I'm also a yogi, celiac warrior, and hiking enthusiast. 

Join me on the journey to whole health for your child and your family. 

Education & Credentials

With 16 years experience as a board certified pediatrician, my expertise is supported by extensive continuing education. I graduated from one of the most highly respected Integrative Medicine programs in the country, this holistic medicine degree is from University of Arizona Andrew Weil’s Center for Integrative Medicine. My pediatric training was performed at Nicklaus Children’s Medical Center in Miami, Florida and I studied at one of the top tier Osteopathic Medical Schools in the country, Kansas City University. Additional education was received from the Kalish Institute, the Institute of Functional Medicine and the Kresser Institute for Functional and Evolutionary medicine. I studied ADHD with Dr. James Greenblatt who wrote "Finally Focused."  As a person living with celiac disease, I also have special expertise in gluten sensitivity and gluten intolerance.

“Dr. Ellie turned the volume down on all the noise. She listened to me, she used her clinical magic to listen to my baby, and we created a plan that reflected my concerns, values, and goals.”

Tinley I,  California

Everyone is Welcome Here. no matter your race, color, sex, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or any other way you identify.

Everyone is Welcome Here

I am committed to cultivating a community that values diversity and inclusion. Please know that you are welcome here no matter your race, color, sex, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or any other way you identify. In the spirit of ongoing growth, I am open to feedback and conversation as to ways I can improve upon this commitment.

Ready to start the healing process?

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