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Tinley, CA

I never felt embarrassed asking questions... Dr. Ellie would help me understand the benefits, considerations, alternatives, and potential risks of every path forward... Dr. Ellie doesn't just see the whole child, whom she regards with tender delight and a keen medical mind, but the whole family creating health together. I am so grateful that Dr. Ellie was my partner in providing a healthy start to my son's life--it's been everything a parent could ask for

Elijah B, NC

Through working with Dr. MacGregor, I was able to resolve several health issues I was facing by improving my sleep and diet, as well as through replenishing certain things I was missing with supplements she suggested. I have worked with several doctors in the past and Dr. MacGregor was able to help me not only because of her knowledge of integrative medicine but also because she is willing to spend the time in her longer sessions to find a resolution to the root of the issues I was facing 


When I met Dr. Ellie I was caught in the unhealthy habits that I had grown up with, such as diet and screen time. Through the health plan she created for me, I was able to slowly adjust my way of eating, my unhealthy use of technology and I found the right balance in creating a life of longevity and happiness. She helped me understand that health corresponds to both the mind and body. Finding the balance of the two has been key to setting my health up to do the things I love.
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