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Personalized Pediatric Integrative Consults with a holistic pediatrician.

What to Expect

Depending on your situation and goals, I'll tap into my extensive knowledge base of tips, tools, and strategies.

Testing Recommendations

I may recommend lab tests to evaluate vitamin and nutrient status, food reactions, and more.

Sleep Recommendations

I’ll address sleep concerns so that your family can finally get the rest it deserves and your child can heal.

Stress Management Recommendations

I’ll zero in on the best ways to keep to stress in check and what to do when things have already become overwhelming.

Nutrition Recommendations

We’ll work closely to craft ideas that will delight every member of your family and provide optimal nutrition.

Exercise Recommendations

We’ll work closely to choose exercise programs that make sense for your child’s or teen’s interests and health condition.

Supplement Recommendations

Food should provide most of your nutrition, but nutritional supplements can fill in the gaps and optimize your health.

Environmental Information

Your environment should be making you healthy, stress free and promote wellbeing

Invest in Your Child's Health

What Happens at Deep Dive Consults?

  • An initial 1.5 hour intake visit where we dive deep in the the possible root causes for your child's health concern

  • Then I will recommend lifestyle modifications and advanced laboratory testing

  • Based on the lab results, I will fine tune a personalized plan including recommendations for nutrition, environment, sleep, exercise, supplements, botanicals, homeopathy, specialized labs, imaging, regular lab work as needed. 

  • Next we will have 1 hour follow up visits to make sure you are on track, and tweak your plan as needed.  

Speciality Labs: I do my best to make labs as affordable as possible; therefore I NEVER upcharge for specialty labs (the price is set by the company that owns the specific lab test). We charge a very low $50 Lab Processing Fee to account for the time necessary to process the appropriate paperwork. The $50 dollar fee is NOT the price of the labs themselves. Other lab fees are specific to your insurance and Lab company. 

***Scholarships: A portion of your consult fee is set aside in a scholarship fund to cover consults and labs for those who are under resourced for my services***

Exercise Recommendations
Testing Recommendations
Nutrition Recommendations

How it Works


Discovery Call

During the call, you can get to know me and see if my approach is right for your child or family. I will discuss your health concerns and goals, and answer any questions you may have about my approach to healthcare. I will also explain my services and how I can support you on your journey to optimal health.


Ongoing Optimization

Follow up consults approximately monthly to fine tune  your plan and provide continued support. 


Comprehensive Evaluation

At your first visit, we can dive right into your health goals, concerns and hopes for you and your child. We dive into your child's past medical history, nutrition history, sleep history, environmental history and any current concerns or health goals. I will start by recommending advanced laboratory testing and lifestyle modifications


Reach Your Child's Full Potential

My goal is to help your child reach their full potential. In turn, Life just got easier for you too. 

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