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Adult Patients

Finally, freedom from chronic or recurring health concerns with advanced integrative therapies and functional medicine.

If you have a primary care doctor but, 

You still need help with recurring or chronic conditions, I am happy to offer you the help you deserve to start feeling better.  

Conditions Treated

How it works.

1. We dig deep into your medical history, emotional wellbeing, and lifestyle to look for clues as to why you are sick or if there are things we need to change to keep you healthy. 

2.  Testing: I recommend testing to get to the root cause of the problem or how to keep you healthy

3. Treat: I recommend treatments to fix the problem or to keep you healthy

4. Ongoing Optimization: I fine tune your treatment to get you well and keep you that way. 


New Patient Appointment 


Follow up Appointments


Advanced Diagnostic Tests

Usually ranges from $100-600 depending on your needs

Lab Interpretation Fee for Functional Labs



Discount provided. Prices vary depending on your needs. 

Appointments include reviewing historical medical records, historical labs, coordinating with specialists, creating personalized health recommendations including testing recommendations, lifestyle recommendations, and supplement plan creations. In addition you have access to me through the patient portal for messaging. Messages are responded to within 3 business days except on the rarity that I take a vacation. You will be informed of this. 

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